New F&A Location field added: Find Awards and Grants – Yale

May 19, 2021

The University has an upcoming Facilities and Administrative (F&A) rate negotiation with the Federal government for base year FY22. The Federal negotiated rate determines how much reimbursement Yale receives for sponsored project related administrative cost and facilities use. The F&A Rate Team is performing a practice run of the rate calculation using FY21 data. Two factors associated with sponsored awards figure heavily in the rate calculation: the location of the activity and the purpose of the activity. To ensure the quality of the rate proposal, the F&A Rate Team will be asking all departments to review the location and purpose codes on their sponsored awards.

In support of this, the F&A Location field has been added to the results of Find Awards and Grants – Yale. The field has been uploaded by Sponsored Projects Financial Administration (SPFA) for active awards through April 2021. SPFA will continue to review awards and upload the associated F&A location based on departmental review and on a quarterly basis going forward.

Details regarding the review process for these two key pieces of data will follow from the F&A Rate Team. Questions?  Contact