Update to FY22 Rate Calculation Worksheet for University Service Providers

June 9, 2021

As communicated via email to University Service Providers (USPs) earlier this week, an update was recently made to the FY22 Rate Calculation Worksheet.

The FY22 Rate Calculation Worksheet posted to assist with the annual USP registration process contained incorrect fringe rates for FY20 in the “Fund Balance” tab. The necessary updates have been made to the rate calculation worksheet, and it has been reposted to the website: Form 1410 FR.02 University Service Providers: Rate Calculation Worksheet.

USPs who have not yet submitted their Rate Calculation Worksheet for FY22 have two options:

  1. Update their Rate Calculation Worksheet using the form linked above and submit the completed form via the standard annual registration process; or
  2. If the USP has already begun a Rate Calculation Worksheet and transferring the information to an updated form would be burdensome, they may send their partially completed form to isp@yale.edu with the subject line “FY22 Rate Calculation Worksheet – Fringe Rate Update Needed.” The fringe rates will be manually updated on their behalf on the “Fund Balance” tab within the form and returned to the USP to complete and submit via the standard annual registration process.

No action is required for USPs who have already submitted their Rate Calculation Worksheet for FY22 with their annual USP registration. The file will be corrected on their behalf, reflecting the accurate fringe rates, and they will be notified of any impact on their rates. 

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Should you have any questions, please reach out to isp@yale.edu. Thank you for your continued support.