Purchasing / Requisitioning Best Practices and Refresher training

July 14, 2021

As previously communicated, Procurement is offering users an opportunity to meet virtually with members of our team to discuss best practices for submitting requisitions as efficiently as possible. The Zoom session will cover requisition submission in Workday, the creation of Requisition Worktag Templates, instructions on finding your requisitions after submission, and live Q&A with the audience.

If you are interested, please register for the following Purchasing/Requisitioning Best Practices and Refresher Training session through the Training Management System (TMS). This session is optional. To access TMS, you must first connect to Yale’s network using a virtual private network (VPN). You can download Cisco VPN AnyConnect from the IT Software Library.

Wednesday, July 21, 2021, 1:00 - 2:00 p.m.

Additional Resources
Also, to help you navigate the current requisition process, we have compiled this consolidated list of resources below for your reference:

  • Purchasing - Policies, Procedures and Forms 
  • Procedure 3201 PR.01 describes the requisition process and provides guidance on the appropriate requisition types selections.
  • The Create Requisition guide describes the steps necessary to create a requisition. This guide was updated in September of 2020. Please be sure you have the latest version to see all of the new features released throughout the year.
  • Managing Requisition Worktag Templates includes step-by-step instructions for creating a charging instructions (COA) template for use in requisitions, speeding up the requisition checkout process.
  • Managing Delivery Information describes the steps necessary to specify your Deliver-To room location, Ship-To Address, and Ship-To Contact on Workday requisitions to ensure correct delivery of goods and services.
  • Where is my Order? provides guidance on how to locate your requisition in Workday and confirm the status of an order. 

If you have immediate questions regarding the requisition process, please contact the Finance Support Center at askfinance@yale.edu or 203-432-5394.