ePAY project update

February 23, 2022


As previously announced, the ePAY Project (e-Commerce Payment Acceptance at Yale) is working with University departments to standardize credit card payment acceptance, processing, and reporting across the University to meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). E-commerce, also known as electronic commerce, is the buying and selling of goods and services through acceptance of electronic payment transactions, generally, via secured credit or debit card payment processing.

Since project launch in FY21, to date, ePAY has:

  • Launched ePAY sites for 64 departments, processing $5.5 million in revenue.
  • Launched replacement, PCI DSS compliant hardware for two departments.

As a reminder:

  • Departments and business operations (not using EPIC) with current or expected credit card processing needs are asked to contact epay@yale.edu to build their ePAY site.
  • Departments needing a credit card processing platform, an upgrade, or making a change to an existing solution must contact epay@yale.edu before beginning their search.

Beginning in February 2022, mobile carriers will begin phasing out older 3G networks. If your department has a credit card machine using 3G and you have not been contacted by the ePAY team, please email epay@yale.edu.


Welcome to ePAY

Since the project launch in FY21, the ePAY project has:

  • Created 64 sites with over 493 ePAY offerings
  • Processed $5.5 million in revenue

Onboarding of third-party providers, including YaleConnect (a.k.a Campusgroups, CVENT and Technolutions) continues.

ePAY benefits

Migrating their credit card processing to TouchNet’s standardized, user-friendly system, these departments have experienced:

  • Reduced set-up time for a credit card processing site.
  • Additional central support for credit card processing needs.
  • A consistent, user-friendly customer experience.
  • The elimination of the annual PCI SAQ attestation requirement.
  • Streamlined reporting and reconciliation of credit card transactions.
  • Automated accounting, resulting in fewer journal entries.
  • Consistent patient experience when paying for health services reduces calls for assistance.

To ensure consistency in our credit card acceptance system and processes, departments must contact epay@yale.edu before searching for a solution or an upgrade. Departments currently in a search should contact epay@yale.edu before selecting a new system or finalizing any agreements. Our objective is to standardize credit card hardware and software; therefore, deploying the ePAY system for your department will be within this project’s scope. A member of the team will contact you to discuss the ePAY solution with you.

Credit card processing devices using 3G networks

Starting in February 2022 and throughout the year, mobile carriers will begin phasing out older network frequencies including 3G. The timing of the phase-out will vary based on the individual carriers. Departments with credit card processing machines using 3G networks have been contacted individually by the ePAY team. If your department has a credit card machine using 3G and you have not been contacted, please email epay@yale.edu.


Contact ePAY@yale.edu with any questions regarding this project.