Fit for Purpose Computing at Yale

March 30, 2022


The Fit for Purpose Computing initiative will capture the experiences of Yale personnel involved in computer provisioning processes, and then leverage that information in the development of a managed desktop program.  

  • FY22 Q4 focus will be on sharing information and gathering feedback from key stakeholders and the Distributed IT community.  
  • FY23 focus will be on developing and piloting solutions based on feedback.


Yale Central IT has launched an initiative focused on better understanding of end-user computing needs and the provisioning processes currently in use across the University.  The Fit for Purpose Computing initiative will assess Yale’s current state and leverage that information to develop a flexible managed desktop program to meet the diverse and evolving needs of Yale community that is supported by Central IT. 

All Distributed Service Providers participated in a survey focused on provisioning practices during Q3 FY22 and the information from this survey is being used to provide a starting point to gather feedback from the University business offices supported by Central IT.  

This initiative will rely on broad engagement with the support providers and user community in defining needs and providing feedback on solutions during development.  

Key goals include:

  • Provide a user-friendly computing experience designed to address specific unit needs and individual roles.
  • Increase efficiency for equipment and lifecycle reporting by ensuring visibility and accurate budget planning.
  • Reduce the time spend on provisioning and configuration, allowing resource fucus to shift to high-value support needs. 

Please watch for future Central IT communications on the Fit for Purpose Computing initiative.