Possible action required: Capital Asset Accounting MEI retagging

March 30, 2022


On April 11, as part of an ongoing initiative to safeguard University assets, streamline the biennial inventory process, and continue to meet A-81 Federal Uniform Guidance, the Capital Asset Accounting team, along with a team from the Yale School of Medicine’s Controller’s Office, will start scheduled retagging of all Movable Equipment Inventory (MEI) assets with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.     

  • By April 4, Cost Centers will start receiving e-mail notices on the MEI first pass retagging schedule.
  • Retagging will be completed by the Capital Asset Accounting team in coordination with a team from the Yale School of Medicine’s Controller’s Office.
  • Retagging will be scheduled by building and by Cost Center, and scheduling e-mails will go out weekly for groups of Cost Centers that will be visited by the retagging team the following week. 


By April 4, an RFID Retagging Kick-off Packet will be provided by e-mail, and via link in the April 6 edition of the Business Update.  The RFID Retagging Kick-off Packet will include the updated process, what you can do to make the retagging process go smoothly, and other useful information.

  • Action - Within Workday, please review the role of ‘Business Asset Tracking Specialist’ to confirm it is updated with an active Cost Center employee responsible for MEI.
  • Action - To facilitate the retagging effort, please review your cost centers active MEI to confirm asset information is accurate in Workday. This includes updating or confirming current location, asset description, and serial number, etc. Accurate Workday asset records will significantly improve the efficiency of the RFID system implementation.
  • The biennial inventory – required to be finalized by July 29 – will be completed simultaneously with this retagging project.
  • Workday Business Assets will remain the system of record and will integrate with the new Radiant RFID inventory tags that will be placed on all University MEI assets affected by this upgrade.

Please watch your inbox for the RFID Kick-off Packet and your MEI retagging notice of scheduling.

Additional information can be found in the February 2, 2022, Business Update

Need Help?

If you have questions about this project, please contact the Capital Asset Accounting team at mei.admin@yale.edu