Zelle remittance messages restricted to alphanumeric characters and limited punctuation marks

May 18, 2022

To prevent failures when transmitting Zelle transactions to the bank, Accounts Payable recently modified the remittance message sent to students to exclude characters other than letters, numbers, and supported punctuation marks (e.g., commas, periods, hyphens, etc.).

Common punctuation marks that will be omitted are colons, apostrophes, quotation marks, and slashes. The remittance email messages sent to students receiving Zelle payments may be impacted by the change. For example, a MM/DD/YYYY date would appear as MMDDYYYY whereas a date formatted as MM-DD-YYYY would retain its format. When preparing transactions for students, try to limit text to letters and numbers in the Memo field on Supplier Invoice Requests and the Description field on Prizes and Awards.

If you have questions regarding the change, please contact askfinance@yale.edu.