Policy and Procedure Updates - Purchase Contracts - November 2, 2022

November 2, 2022

Policy & Procedure upates - November 2, 2022

The following policy documents, which previously completed their full review and approval process, are now published and effective.  Please discuss the documents with the appropriate people in your department and send any questions to controllers.office@yale.edu.

Policy 3210 Purchase Contracts

Related documents:

  • Policy 3210 Professional Services and Consulting Revised & Renamed to new Policy 3210 Purchase Contracts
  • Procedure 3210 PR.01 Professional Services and Consulting Process – Revised & Renamed to new Procedure 3210 PR.01 Services Contracts Process
  • Procedure 3210 PR.03 Process for Purchase Contracts for Software, Web Development Services, Electronic Applications, and Data Use AgreementsNew
  • Procedure 3210 PR.04 Statements of Work – New
  • Procedure 3210 PR.05 Goods Contracts Process – New
  • Form 3210 FR.01 Professional Services and Consulting Agreement – Revised & Renamed to new Form 3210 FR.01 Services Agreement
  • Form 3210 FR.05 Professional Services and Consulting Agreement (PSCA): Exhibit A - Scope of Work (Services, Milestones, and Deliverables) – Revised & Renamed to new Form 3210 FR.05 Statement of Work / Exhibit A to Services Agreement
  • Form 3210 FR.06 Services Agreement for Freelance Photographers – New

This substantially revised/reimagined policy, its associated set of procedures, and three associated forms originate from Procurement (the “policy sponsor”).  While this article contains some high-level information regarding the documents, please refer to the document Purchase Contracts: 1Pager for additional background information and context.

The former Policy 3210 Professional Services and Consulting is renamed and revised to be an all-inclusive policy on Purchase Contracts, describing the requirements and processes related to contracting for both services and goods.

The set of four procedures incorporates purchase categories not previously specifically captured (e.g., purchase contracts for software), and they provide enhanced definitions, guidance, and process descriptions for the community.

The revised forms are enhanced to serve additional functions and, specific to FR.05, to provide greater clarity around the requirements for statements of work.  The new form, as the name suggests, is intended as a template for use when engaging freelance photographers.

One existing procedure, Procedure 3210 PR.02 Employee vs. Independent Contractor, was not updated as part of this process and is not included for purposes of this review.

In addition to the publication of the updated policy, procedures, and form, there will be a significant change management and training effort related to these documents.  Details surrounding those efforts and upcoming learning opportunities will be forthcoming in separate communications.


Always check the Policies & Procedures Website for the latest revisions of all documents.  This will ensure you that are utilizing the most up-to-date version.

If you have any questions, please contact Policy & Compliance Services at controllers.office@yale.edu.