Workday report updates for PCard payment processing

January 18, 2023

The following reporting updates have been made in accordance with the new PCard payment process:

  • The Unexpensed Credit Card Transactions – Yale report filter is updated to include both ‘new’ and ‘prepaid’ credit card expenses that are not attached to an expense report.
  • The EMS Unapproved Expense Reports – Yale report ‘created by’ field definition is updated for expense reports in ‘draft’ status to reflect the workday user who opened the Workday Task: Create Expense Report and saved the submission for a later time. The ‘Created by’ field for the ‘in progress’ expense report status (defined by: the workday user who initiates the expense report submission) remains unchanged.  Once a draft expense report is submitted the ‘created by’ will reflect the individual who executed the actual submission.

These updated reports are identified as the most critical to support the timely submission of expense reports containing PCard transactions. The following reports are scheduled to be updated with the new logic by month end.

  • Domestic T&E Monitoring - Yale
  • EMS View Unapproved Expense Reports Condensed - Yale
  • Find Expense Reports by Cost Center for SSAS - Yale
  • Find Expense Reports by Cost Center - Yale
  • International T&E Monitoring - Yale
  • MFRC Unapproved Expense Reports - Yale
Please contact with any questions.