Bee SAFE, not sorry

April 19, 2023

Report suspicious cyberactivity right away to the Information Security Office. This action is critical to get ahead of malicious actors trying to gain unauthorized access to the important work we do every day in support of the Yale mission.

How can you help? Listen to the new episode of the Bee Cyber Fit podcast, “Why Reporting Security Incidents at Yale is Mission-Critical and Time Sensitive,” to learn about the importance of timely reporting and how to report incident.

Want to learn more? Register for one or more of these upcoming events:

  • April 27 & May 2: Participate in our interactive Kahoot game - answer questions and build awareness with colleagues in an engaging learning environment.
  • May 17Attend Not If, But When, with Jeremy Rosenberg, to build an understanding of what constitutes a security incident.
  • May 31Attend a panel discussion and learn why we need to report suspicious behavior immediately and the legal ramifications of waiting.