Misclassification of accounting transactions related to MEI

April 26, 2023

The Capital Asset Accounting team in the Controller’s Office has recently become aware of misclassifications in the accounting book codes relating to the registration and issuing of Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI). Briefly stated, the problem involves the inaccurate accounting on seventy-seven equipment purchases. The MEI operational journals in the Management (Expense) Book includes assets (LA 19004) instead of expenses (LA 81038). This will result in the incorrect accounting of equipment purchases with sponsored awards. The problem has been identified as a systems issue occurring through the “Asset Assign Accounting” business process in Workday. Capital Asset Accounting will be working to resolve this problem as quickly as possible, and we ask for your understanding until the issue has been resolved by our team.
Please send any questions to mei.admin@yale.edu.