OneFinance: March 2023 program lead update

April 12, 2023

Our North Star
To enable Yale’s mission, simplify and standardize financial services in order to make life easier where everyone has a role in building a strong culture of financial integrity, insight, and stewardship of Yale resources.

Since our last update in January 2023, exciting work has been in progress on several projects that are key to our mission. To keep you informed, we will post a monthly OneFinance At-a-Glance documenting our progress. We encourage you to share this document with your staff during team meetings to keep them fully informed about the initiative. Go to our March 2023 At-a-Glance for our most recent update.

Community Engagement

As our North Star states, we want to ensure that “everyone has a role” in advancing the mission of the OneFinance Strategic Initiative. Our project teams have solicited the valuable insights of community members across the University to assist the teams in designing future solutions. We, along with the OneFinance project teams, value the community members who offer us their time and their indispensable perspectives informed by their work experience. This collaboration is vital to our success, and we are committed to engaging the community on an ongoing basis. We are delighted to share some of the ways OneFinance and the community are working together:

OneFinance Think Tank

At the end of February, we mobilized the OneFinance Think Tank. Subject matter experts were nominated by their departments based on their expertise in one or more finance processes. Members of the Think Tank will be asked to participate in projects that would benefit from their knowledge and experience. Their first engagement will be to review an updated Purchase Order procedure; other projects have requested their participation, including the Integrated S2P project.

Financial Review Enhancement (FRE) Project

Working with Accenture, the project team and business office staff members have mapped the current process for advances, discovered variations across departments, and identified improvement opportunities that will inform the creation of a standard operating procedure.

Financial Training Project

The project team and community members are working together to design our Finance Foundations Onboarding II, Creating Expense Report, and 3210 Policy Contracts trainings. Finance Foundations Onboarding I launched in Central Finance in the fall; Finance Foundations II will expand this onboarding program into the medical school. Work is also underway to create a training framework with the support of the Strategic Analysis team.

Lead Administrators and Operations Working Group

We are grateful to our Lead Administrators and Operations Working Group committee and subcommittees for championing the initiative’s work, sharing the At-a-Glance with their project teams, and helping to carry the message of our work.

We look forward to engaging with community members across campus in new ways and thank those who have committed to lending us their time to improve our financial processes. The work being done today by project teams and community members will lay the foundations for our continued success.


Go to the OneFinance webpage or contact us via email at

Thank you for your engagement and support.

OneFinance Program Leads:

Brian Rebeschi, Executive Director, F&A – YSM Business Operations

Lisa Varni, Associate Controller, Internal Controls and Compliance