Update and possible actions required: Issue with AP invoice submissions 

April 26, 2023


  • A workaround is now available for the invoice issue reported on Wednesday, April 19.
  • There is no permanent solution at this time.
  • You may resume submitting invoices immediately using the workaround that follows.


The issue was caused by a software upgrade affecting the system’s ability to send confirmation emails from yss.invoices@yale.edu when submissions contained graphics within the email signature line.

Workaround/Possible actions required

  • Until a final solution is in place, remove any graphics in your email signature line when submitting invoices.
  • If you haven’t yet received a confirmation number for an invoice you submitted, you must resubmit the invoice by using the workaround provided.

Need help?

Please contact the Financial Support Center (FSC) at askfinance@yale.edu if you have any additional questions.

Accounts Payable will send another communication as soon as we have a final solution in place.

Thank you for your patience.