Fringe benefit credits for CT PFML Reduction cleanup - No action required

May 31, 2023

An error in the setup of CT PFML Reduction has been identified. This pay component was not included in the rule to assess fringe during the FY23 base fiscal year. Therefore, fringe was not credited (returned to the departments) based on this pay component from July to February of FY23. As of March, CT PFML Reduction pay component has been corrected to automatically assess the appropriate fringe reduction.

The impacted population has been identified. The dollar impact is not large for the university as a whole. Payroll Accounting Adjustments with a net $0 result (i.e., no impact to COA segments or amounts) will be completed by Financial Systems and Solutions (FSS). FSS is working with SPFA to prioritize those PAAs that contain sponsored funding first. Impacted departments will receive the fringe credits for July – February FY23 starting in May 2023 with completion by the end of June 2023. Please note that no action is required on behalf of the department. Contact the FSC at with questions.