SPFA sponsor-based service model portal and information sessions now available

June 7, 2023


  • As previously announced, effective May 31, 2023, SPFA began a transition to a sponsor-based service model.
  • The SPFA Intake Portal is now available for university departments to request SPFA support.
  • Information sessions are being held to review the benefits of the new service model and demonstrate the new intake portal’s functionality and ease of use. Please register for one of the sessions listed below.


SPFA has shifted to a sponsor-based service model to support the Yale community and has implemented a new SPFA Portal to formalize the process for university departments and business units to request support. It will:

  • Drive simplicity and clarity in engaging with the SPFA team.
  • Provide an intuitive, user-friendly interface for the Yale Community to engage with SPFA.
  • Operationalize the shift from a departmental service model to a sponsor-based service model that will route the support request to a subject matter expert, driving greater efficiency and value for the community.

Access the portal here, and be sure to bookmark the link. You may also access the portal from the SPFA webpage. Please enter the requested information to route your question to the SPFA specialist.

The SPFA Intake Portal is not meant to replace direct conversations or relationships you have built with SPFA team members. You may reach out to an SPFA team member at any time with your questions about your sponsored award or about the portal.  

Information Sessions

To learn more about the sponsor-based service model and the SPFA portal, log onto the VPN and register via TMS for one of the following sessions:  



Wednesday, June 13

1:00 – 2:00 p.m. 

Wednesday, June 14

10:00  – 11:00 a.m. 


For questions about the updates, please contact Krystina Gross