U.S. Bank Prepaid Reloadable Cards for Faculty and Staff

August 9, 2023

Effective Aug. 1, 2023, only U.S. Bank Cards will be funded

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Yale discontinue the Bank of America prepaid card program?
Bank of America notified Yale that they are exiting the card business.

What do I do with my Bank of America prepaid card?
Please spend down the funds, complete expense reports, and close the card by calling the number on the back. Then shred it!

I did not receive a U.S. Bank card, what should I do?
Contact Treasury Services at 203-432-4100 or treasury.fa5@yale.edu.

How do I have my U.S. Bank card funded?
Complete a Spend Authorization in Workday. There is no change to this process.

How do I request a U.S. Bank prepaid card?
Have your supervisor email treasury.fa1@yale.edu with your name and mailing address.

I don’t have a U.S. Bank card, and I need funds now. What should I do?
Please request a Spend Authorization in Workday and choose a different payment method, such as cash, check, direct deposit, or gift card.

Which ATMs can I use without paying a fee?

Is there a way to obtain a cash withdrawal at a bank branch?
Yes! Visa member bank locations are required to provide a free manual cash withdrawal over the counter.

I am starting a new study. What is the recommended payment method?
Whenever possible, please enroll the study participants in OnCore for automated payments. Please contact oncore.support@yale.edu.