Possible action required: PCard suspension notices

September 20, 2023

In accordance with University Procedure (3215 PR.01 Yale Purchasing Card Procedure), the PCard office will be sending out suspension notices for unexpensed PCard transactions that have aged greater than 90 days.

Three notices of Yale Purchasing Card Noncompliance (3215.3 Yale Purchasing Card Noncompliance) will be sent to impacted cardholders in 14-day intervals, beginning in September, reminding cardholders to complete the submission of an expense report to clear their outstanding PCard transactions. If the PCard transactions remain unexpensed after the third and final notice, all PCards assigned to the cardholder will be suspended immediately.

For any questions, contact the PCard office at 203-432-3227 or purchasing.card@yale.edu. For issues submitting an expense report, email askfinance@yale.edu.