Workday upgrade Sept. 9, 2023 – What to expect

September 6, 2023


On Saturday, September 9, Workday will be upgraded to a new version. Please find links to helpful information to prepare you for the changes in the Details section below. A snapshot of the changes include: 

Business Process User Interface Updates – All Users

  • Inbox has changed to My Tasks.
  • Org Charts are easier to view and more informative.
  • Real-time Error Validation has been introduced.
  • The Manager’s Home Page now features Important Dates and Team Highlights.
  • A Quick Review option is included on the Manager’s Homepage in the Awaiting Your Action Section.

HCM Updates

  • There are some User Interface changes to the Learner experience in Workday Learning. Please note: this applies to YSM only during the Workday Learning pilot phase.
  • A new, optional Edit and Approve Time task allows for easier review and management of employee time entries.  

Finance Updates

  • Workday now shows some fields as separate columns when displaying Purchase Order and Change Order lines.
  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance has been renamed to Assistance Listing.

Workday Extended Outage

Workday will be unavailable for a maximum of 3 hours on Saturday, Sept. 9, from 2 – 5 a.m. ET. 

Workday can and does make changes up until the day of release. To understand any new updates, watch for information in the Announcements section on the Workday homepage.


The following headings link to screenshots and training guides.

Business Process User Interface Updates – All Users

Inbox has changed to My Tasks
My Tasks features include:

  • An automated refresh feature that removes completed tasks from view and adds new tasks found at the time of refresh
  • A collapsible navigation panel
  • The ability to save searches
  • Advanced Search, including by assignment, task type, task steps, and date ranges
  • Multiple sorting options

Archive shows items worked on in the past 90 days instead of 30 days. Access “View More Processes” in Workday’s global search to view older items.

Org Chart Accessibility
The New Org Chart look and feel includes:

  • Larger card size
  • Matching design when exported to PowerPoint
  • Responsive to screen size
  • Simpler animations
  • Permanently visible Quick Navigation

Real-Time Error Validation
Workday now displays error messages in real-time for required fields in supported tasks and forms, improving the user experience and making it easier to identify and resolve errors.

New Manager’s Home Page Sections 
There are two new sections:

  • Important Dates displays time off, birthdays, and anniversaries of direct reports, as well as manager’s holidays
  • Team Highlights displays four of the manager’s direct reports with an option to view up to eight, giving the manager easy visibility and navigation to their profile.

Quick Review Option on Manager’s Home Page
Quick Review now displays within Awaiting Your Action for managers to see:

  • Time off (Initiation and Correction)
  • Leave of Absence (Initiation and Return to Work)
  • Learning Content request
  • Managers also have Quick Access to the View Payslip tasks.

HCM Updates

FOR YSM ONLY: Workday Learning – UI Changes. 
Please refer to the Phase 1 Workday for Learners training for details.

New Edit and Approve Time Task
Managers can use the new Edit and Approve Time task to:

  • Get a single-page, weekly overview of time entries for selected workers, organizations, or direct reports
  • Automatically sort workers into grids with alerts and those without alerts
  • View alert details for each worker
  • Edit time entries that need correction, add new time entries, or auto-fill based on the work schedule calendar
  • Submit, approve, send back, or deny time entries

Finance Updates

New Columns When Displaying Purchase Order and Change Order Lines
Workday now shows some fields (e.g., Spend Category, Unit of Measure) as separate columns. This enables filter lines based on these distinct columns. The change will also require increased scrolling through the additional columns.

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) has been renamed to Assistance Listing
To help comply with updated terms in the federal assistance program, Workday has renamed the following tasks and reports from:

  • Create Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to Create Assistance Listing
  • Edit Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to Edit Assistance Listing
  • Maintain Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to Maintain Assistance Listing
  • View Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to View Assistance Listing
  • View Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance to View Assistance Listings

Workday has also replaced the following labels on the award proposal, award contract, award line, and validation messages that refer to them:

  • CFDA Description to Assistance Listing Description
  • CFDA Inactive to Assistance Listing Inactive
  • CFDA Number to Assistance Listing Number (in some cases, CFDA Number was renamed to Assistance Listing for more accuracy)


For help with mobile and desktop device technical issues, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 203-432-9000.

For questions about the new home page, search feature, and other HCM-related changes, please contact the Employee Service Center at or call 203-432-5552.

For questions about Finance inquiries, transactions, and reporting, please contact the Finance Support Center at or call 203-432-5394.