About Learning

Our vision for staff learning & development is to make learning part of everyone’s work. We want Yale to be seen as a desirable workplace in part because of its investment in its people and their professional development.

To date, Yale has created the following structures to support our staff learning community.

  • Operating Model
    • Learning Council, composed of department-based learning professionals and requirement owners from across the university. Created our learning and development standards, identified best practices, and developed a taxonomy for use by the learning and user communities.
    • Functional Authorities – Determines functional training strategy, prioritizes development and delivery of course content, and identifies Process Owner. The Authority may Mandate or Require training to a population outside their functional area when their functional area spans beyond their unit. Additionally, the Authority may Mandate training that is authorized by a different Authority.
    • Central Learning & Development (L&D) in Human Resources – provides resources and support for areas without dedicated Learning & Development expertise, supports the Functional Authorities and requirements owners as they develop learning strategies, responsible for the maintenance of our operating model.
  • Business Processes - Built an end-to-end map of L&D business processes to standardize a consistent approach to L&D across teams and departments.
  • Standards – The guidelines anyone creating employee-facing learning/training content must adhere to in order to develop, continually improve, and support reporting, oversight, measurement, and overall improvement of L&D operations.
  • Learning content review and standardization – Robust review of current TMS content to ensure conversion of only quality content into Workday Learning

Creating this infrastructure is just the beginning!

In FY24 we will:

  • Continue to drive learning as part of our everyday work.
  • Use findings from a strategic assessment of Yale’s learning needs and opportunities and launch projects that will support Yale staff’s learning goals.
  • Replace the university’s Training Management System (TMS) with Workday Learning.