Resources for Foreign Scholars

Responsible Research and Safety Reference Materials

(Non-English language versions)

Yale University expects that research is conducted in ways that reflect an honest attempt to find truth without bias, such that the results of research can be trusted. In order to meet these expectations, Yale researchers are expected to abide by a set of ethical principles. The information on this webpage is designed to assist foreign scholars in meeting these expectations. 

“On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research”

This booklet, “On Being a Scientist: Responsible Conduct in Research” (published by the National Academies Press) provides an excellent summary of the ethical issues that may arise in the conduct of scientific investigation and publication. This booklet is available in Japanese.

  • Japanese edition (purchase from publisher:Kagakudojin)

“A Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals”

Yale University is committed to conducting quality animal research in an ethical and responsible manner to further science and to improve the health of society. This guide, published by the National Academies Press, is an excellent resource that covers the care and use of laboratory animals.  This guide is available in several languages:

Chinese Edition                Korean Edition