Disability - Postdoctoral Associates


Faculty members with an appointment of half-time or more are automatically enrolled in the Long-Term Disability Base Plan at no cost to employees on base salaries up to $150,000.


Under the Base Plan, on the first of the month following 180 days (6-month elimination period) of total disability, faculty members are entitled to receive 60% of their base monthly earnings to a maximum of $7,500 minus any other payments received, such as Workers’ Compensation or Social Security disability payments.

Faculty participating in Supplemental Disability Coverage (see below) have an additional maximum of $12,500 of coverage. The monthly benefit will not be less than $100.

Application Process

Applications for Long-Term Disability must be completed and returned to the Benefits Office for forwarding to the insurance company prior to the six-month elimination period. The employee must complete Section I of the application and obtain medical information from the appropriate physician(s). The Benefits Office will complete the employer’s section and forward the application to the insurance company.

Supplemental Coverage

Faculty with base annual salary levels between $150,000 and $400,000 may purchase supplemental disability coverage on a payroll deduction basis. The maximum monthly benefit is $20,000 ($7,500 of base benefit plus $12,500 of supplemental coverage). Enrollment is automatic when first eligible without evidence of insurability (with ability to opt out anytime).

The insurance carrier for this coverage is The Standard Insurance Company.