Expectations for Successful FlexPlace Work Arrangements

The “nuts and bolts” of implementing FlexPlace work arrangements is as varied as the work of the university. That said, there are basic overarching expectations and commitments that promote the effectiveness and success of FlexPlace work arrangements and span all departments, work performed, or employment classifications1.

  • Availability and accessibility during scheduled hours of work
    We commit to be available and accessible during regularly scheduled and approved work hours and recognize that absent emergencies, changes to established work schedules should be agreed upon in advance.
  • Secure and functional off-campus workspaces
    Each of us is responsible for maintaining a professional and secure workspace with sufficient internet access to effectively perform our work. We recognize that our designated workspaces should not be located in public, commercial locations unless pre-approved by our manager and should only occur in rare instances. Our off-campus work environments should be visually and audibly functional and effective. Any challenges we experience in our work environments (i.e., loss of power, extended construction) that could impact connectivity, accessibility or productivity should be immediately shared with our managers to facilitate problem-solving and alternative work arrangements, if necessary. Managers are encouraged to consult with Local 34 contract guidance when such situations involve Clerical & Technical staff members.
  • Off-campus work locations outside of Connecticut
    Out of state work locations are subject to the Yale Policy on Out of State Work Locations, making transparent and proactive communication about our FlexPlace work locations essential. Anyone wishing to work at a location outside the State of Connecticut at least one day per week on an on-going basis must notify their manager before doing so. Similarly, any change in off-campus work location to another state subsequent to initial approval must be shared prior to relocation.
  • On-campus cadence
    Hybrid work arrangements should target the university-established minimum of two to three on-campus workdays. Departments are responsible for establishing workable, effective and convenient plans for on-campus workspaces and assure that they meet the needs of staff members when working on-campus.
  • Flexibility in approach based on operational needs
    Operational needs may necessitate a change in FlexPlace arrangement or on-campus schedule or cadence. These needs could include, but are not limited to, staffing needs, meetings or training programs, or engaging in performance improvement support and guidance. Departments are expected to provide reasonable notice of any such changes and partner with those affected to minimize unnecessary disruption to them, with the understanding that urgent or unexpected circumstances may limit the notice that can reasonably be provided. The notice provisions outlined in the Local 34 agreement will guide the requisite notice to be provided to Clerical & Technical staff members.
  • Engagement
    We expect to engage actively and meaningfully with clients and colleagues in the course of performing our job responsibilities regardless of their work location. This includes being available and accessible according to their work schedule and be “office ready” to attend meetings. We are prepared to attend meetings (i.e., Zoom, Microsoft Teams) using the videoconferencing feature and will be expected to comply with requests or preferences for video participation. We commit to minimizing personal interruptions to maintain appropriate work focus.
  • Performance
    We recognize that performance will be evaluated in the same manner and in light of the same criteria and standards regardless of FlexPlace arrangement. This includes but is not limited to the quality and quantity of work performed, how work is accomplished, overall responsiveness and accountability, and progress made on operational goals, etc.
  • Policy Compliance Regardless of work location or FlexPlace work arrangement, each of us must adhere to all University policies. This includes but is not limited to the Yale Institutional Standards of Conduct and policies related to confidentiality of information, information technology, computer security, and data protection.

1Where these expectations are covered by the Local 34 Labor Agreement, the terms of that agreement will govern.