10 things you can do to build engagement and recognize your staff members any day of the week

  1. 76% of people save handwritten thank you notes. Send an e-card on an off-year anniversary or a “thank you” note at any time.
  2. Organize a potluck. When coworkers share a meal, engagement and on-the-job happiness goes up by 11%.
  3. Respect work/life balance. Be flexible and empathize!
  4. Connect recognition with an event, holiday, or industry observance. Use a recognition planner.
  5. Communicate engagement fundamentals and emphasize human interactions, inspiring your staff to do great things.
  6. Fight low morale with recognition. 82% of employed Americans don’t feel that their supervisors recognize them enough for their contributions. That lack of recognition takes a terrible toll on morale and productivity.
  7. Make recognition as fun as possible. Take the work at hand seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Recognition that is entertaining or amusing can be more memorable. Just remember to keep it tasteful.
  8. Make it personal. A customized, thoughtful gift will have a bigger impact than something mass-produced, regardless of the price tag.
  9. Make it timely and frequent. Don’t wait for monthly meetings or annual performance reviews. Good things are happening all around you; notice them and seize any opportunity to acknowledge them. 40% of employed Americans say they’d put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often.
  10. The good news: It’s both simple and inexpensive for leaders to solve the recognition deficit in their organizations.