Staff Recognition

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In my work as Yale’s president, I am reminded every day of the extraordinary commitment and dedicated efforts of our staff, who are the lifeblood of this university.”
– Peter Salovey, President

The university appreciates the commitment and contributions of Yale’s staff members to the success of its ambitious academic and societal mission. Yale offers the following programs, awards, and events to recognize its talented and devoted employees:

Thank You Ycard.

Recognition Resources

Unlock a culture of appreciation! Elevate your workplace spirit and celebrate success with our exclusive recognition resources! Use our Ycards for personalized kudos, Chat Stickers for interactive fun, and the Celebration Calendar for milestone moments.

2023 Long Service Recognition.

Staff Service Recognition

Based upon years of service to the university, honorees are thanked and celebrated at every five-year milestone anniversary. Read more about Staff Service Recognition.

Staff Appreciation Events

Yale expresses gratitude to its dedicated staff through in-person and virtual engagement experiences, Yale-branded merchandise, and tasty treats. Examples include Staff Appreciation Day, Staff Spirit Week, online tastings, and other campus events.

Linda K. Lorimer Awards.

Linda K. Lorimer Awards

Conferred by the president, this award honors staff members whose work furthers Yale’s core mission. Peers nominate and select their colleagues for this recognition. Read more about the Linda K. Lorimer Award.