John Barden on promoting Yale's LiveSafe app and a Cisco software delay

February 6, 2020

Yale’s Chief Information Officer, John Barden, addresses questions asked by the community through our Ask John survey feature. This week, John shares an update on promoting the LiveSafe app and the delay with upgrading the Cisco AnyConnect software for MacOS.

Would it be possible for John to promote the adoption of the LiveSafe app to the wider ITS and key partner communities? Every colleague should install the LiveSafe app on their personal mobile device and become familiar with how to report safety concerns, get Yale Police support during off hours, and use the resources it conveniently provides (bus map, blue light locations, etc). 

The LiveSafe App is an important safety resource that keeps us connected with Yale Police.  We promoted it in our January 23 issue of IT Update and we will continue to promote it throughout the year. I encourage everyone to watch Chief Higgins describe the benefits of the LiveSafe app. For more information about the app, or to download, visit the LiveSafe app page.

Why, after more than three months, isn’t the newer version (4.8) of Cisco Anyconnect available for MacOS Catalina? The software library has only 4.6. This is the one bit of software I lack for upgrading. 
Initial testing of Cisco AnyConnect 4.8 showed some incompatibility with other products used in the Yale environment, and therefore we have not yet published a link for 4.8. AnyConnect 4.6 is compatible with Catalina and is recommended for use until final testing and remediation surrounding the release of 4.8. The support teams are updating the guidance materials associated with this topic and expect that to be published by February 7.

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