Graduate Student Payment System makes progress toward Proof of Concept

May 28, 2020

In February, we spoke of multiple functional stakeholders reviewing a ‘To Be’ process flow focused on the elimination of the Graduate Student Payment System (GSPS) by optimizing the use of Yale’s Student, Financial Aid, HR, and Finance ERP systems. Creating the Proof of Concept (POC) for the proposed solution has been underway since that time. By considering other institutions’ solutions, a Workday capability (External Student) that exists but has not yet been implemented, and a creative use of Banner Financial Aid, the POC process flows are beginning to take shape. This continued open dialogue and collaborative spirit will result in a completed POC by the end of June. 
As we near the stage of walking through use cases to validate the viability of the solution, there is a high level of team excitement. The proposed solution will manage the financing of student stipends, tuition, health payments, and teaching assignments while meeting external and internal regulatory requirements. It will also provide the flexibility needed for complex payment and funding scenarios across the Yale graduate landscape.
We will share more information in early FY21 regarding this creative approach to reducing technical debt, improving student and staff user experience, eliminating existing system pain points, and realizing improved utilization of Yale’s existing Enterprise Resource Planning systems.
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