YalePay/Student Tuition Payment System launches

July 9, 2020

As part of the Student Information Systems (SIS) Programs initiative, the Student Systems team has been working diligently to improve service quality for several applications that serve students, faculty, and staff. One such application, launched for use with the March 2020 billing cycle, is YalePay.

YalePay is a simple, modern, and accessible student account billing and payment portal that replaced the twenty-year-old custom application eBill-ePay. In addition to viewing student account information and making online payments, YalePay includes many new features that students and authorized proxies have requested:

  • Real-time student account information, including payment and financial aid updates
  • Elimination of static monthly statements
  • Ability to generate custom account statements by term or date range
  • Integrated payment plan with rebalancing functionality
  • Ability to set up multiple bank accounts for student account payments
  • Integrated international payment option via Flywire
  • Sign on with existing Yale eBill-ePay login credentials
  • Full integration with Banner – both sending and receiving data to/from Banner in real-time

In April, the team launched YalePay’s payment plan functionality to provide parents and students with the option to pay education expenses monthly. This system was designed to relieve the pressure of lump-sum payments by allowing families to spread payments over a period of months without incurring any interest charges.

After YalePay launched, the Student Systems team was able to retire several custom applications and processes:

  • ebill-ePay – a custom mod-pl/sql application
  • Payment Plan - custom Java application
  • Custom database email reminder process
  • Bank routing number import process
  • Bank of America file transfer process
Service Quality