Research Enterprise Data Mart update

September 15, 2021


  • Yale has created a common reporting platform to support the reporting needs of Yale’s administrative operations
  • FY21 work included creation of a new Research Enterprise (RE) Data Mart and the re-issue of key RE reports utilizing Power BI
  • FY22 work will include partnering with the RE community to define new reports, and the foundational technical work needed to create reports that blend Finance and RE data


Yale has developed a new approach to administrative reporting, utilizing standard architecture for data warehouses that can connect to provide standard, shared methods for creating reports using the Power BI platform. This new platform will connect data from core administrative systems and provide users in central, distributed schools, and units with standard, shared tools for reporting and data analysis.

Grant reporting has started the migration to this new reporting platform. During FY21, the RE team developed the RE Data Mart, providing the foundation for current and future reporting needs. Initial reports include new versions of Integrated Research Enterprise Solution (IRES) reports that many of you have run in the past. They can be found on the Research Enterprise Reporting page on It’s Your Yale.

During early FY22, the project team will focus on developing the ‘Other Support’ report to meet new regulatory guidelines being implemented by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in early 2022. The team is working with members of Business Operations, including Jill Ely and Erlyn Neri, to ensure that this report aligns with the needs of the Business Operations Community.  

Later in FY22, the project team will work to align IRES data with Workday data to create an integrated data source. The team plans to work with the extended user community to identify reports that will take advantage of the blended report capability to reduce the volume of manual reports created from data extracts. In addition, the project team will continue to build out additional IRES reports.

Stay tuned for future communications on the ‘Other Support’ report and future reporting initiatives from the Office of Research Enterprise Operations (OREO) team.