University Service Providers: Cancellation Fee Guidance

November 10, 2021

As of October 20, 2021, the University Service Provider (USP) Operating Committee issued guidance on the charging of cancellation fees and the requirements pertaining to those charges.

The Cancellation Fee Guidance stems from questions received from USP community members and is the result, in part, of USP survey responses collected by a sub-committee of the USP Operating Committee. The guidance is intended to provide consistent practices that can be used by all USPs who choose to charge cancellation fees. Please refer to this guidance if:

  • your USP chooses to charge cancellation fees;
  • you are considering adopting cancellation fees in your USP; or 
  • you are a user of a USP that charges cancellation fees.

This resource is also published on the USP Resources web page. 

If you have any questions regarding cancellation fees, please contact