University Service Provider Resources

A University Service Provider (“USP”) is a unit that provides goods and/or services in support of Yale’s academic and research mission. This page contains useful information for USPs, including training materials, key contact information, and links to the relevant policy, procedures, and forms.

USPs for Core Directors Workshop

The video below was recorded in Spring 2023. While the workshop was presented for Core Directors, the 17-minute recording is useful to anyone who works with USPs.


Recorded workshop covers an overview of USPs, as well as the Rate Calculation Schedule, External Sales, and the Fair Market Value analysis.


Slide deck for the above presentation.

Federal Fund Balance Training

The following recording and supporting materials were presented in the Spring of 2022 to provide guidance to USPs on how to prepare a Federal Fund Balance.

Watch: Federal Fund Balance Training
Recorded training covers how-to prepare a Federal Fund Balance.

Read: Fund Balance Training Slide Deck
Slide deck for the above presentation on Federal Fund Balance preparation.

Read: Step-by-Step Instructions
Step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the Federal Fund Balance.

Intro to USPs and Preparing the Rate Calculation Schedule Trainings

The two training videos below present information that was originally offered in spring 2020. Note that certain policies and procedures have been updated since these videos were recorded, refer to Policy 1410 University Service Providers and related procedures for the most current information.

Watch: USP Training (Part 1)
USP Training (Part 1) focuses on topics including the USP policy, the registration process, and the accounting and billing processes.

Watch: USP Training (Part 2)
USP Training (Part 2) focuses on topics including the rate calculation process and the development of rate schedules. Note that the latest rate calculation schedule differs in some respects from the version used in this training.


USP Newsletter

Key Contact Information

Contact for general questions regarding USPs. Below, are key contacts for specific USP-related functions:

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