World Travel pilot program underway

August 17, 2022


Yale Travel Management has initiated a pilot program for World Travel, Inc. (WTI), a new travel booking platform for federal grant-funded travelers that helps ensure compliance with Federal grant funding agency requirements.

  • The WTI platform provides an easy-to-use premium travel booking service.
  • A training session for the WTI Pilot Program was held on August 10. See Details below.
  • This change pertains only to travel booked using federally sponsored awards. Yale’s current Egencia travel booking service should continue to be used to book all other travel, including trips related to grants that are not federally funded.


WTI Pilot Program:

  • Includes thirty (30) travel booking arrangers and expense report approvers.
  • Participants will book upcoming federal grant-funded trip.
    • Feedback will be collected, and any platform adjustments will be implemented prior to a University-wide launch in Fall, 2022.

Key Benefits when booking via WTI:

  • Compliant flights are clearly flagged.
  • Indicates when an exception reason is required for compliance and allows documentation within the system.
  • Compiles and stores comparison flight information.
  • Helps avoid costly non-compliance penalties.


Please email with questions regarding this new platform and service.