Recruiting Strategic Initiative: STARS for Hiring Managers guide

April 12, 2023

The Recruiting Strategic Initiative (RSI) core team has been working to lay the groundwork for achieving the program’s North Star, “To make hiring faster and simpler, resulting in more successful recruitment of highly talented and diverse employees.” The hiring manager role is critical for the progress and success of RSI. The STARS for Hiring Managers guide helps navigate STARS, the university’s applicant tracking system, and highlights the features used most frequently by hiring managers.  

The STARS for Hiring Managers guide is designed to be a quick reference guide to assist hiring managers. This guide outlines the updated and enhanced features of our STARS system, including: 

  • STARS Hiring Manager Portal  
  • Requisition View Options  
  • Candidate View and Options   
  • Resource links to the Hiring Guide and Manager Toolkit   

Need Help?

We encourage you to find your recruiter by department, hiring manager, or campus location if you have questions about the functionality of STARS. If you need technical assistance, contact the IT help desk. For non-technical issues, contact  

Please visit the Recruiting Strategic Initiative page to learn more about the program.