Reminder: World Travel replaces Egencia effective May 1

April 10, 2024


  • Beginning May 1, World Travel will replace Egencia for all Yale business travel booking needs.
  • World Travel, which is powered by the Concur booking platform, is available for booking travel now. See the Details section below for information on getting started.
  • Egencia will be unavailable after May 1. Please refer to the Details section for important information about post-May 1 trips and download all ticket receipts for expense purposes before May 1.
  • Training webinars for booking non-sponsored travel are available in late April. See dates and register.
  • On-demand training is available for booking federally sponsored and non-sponsored travel.
  • Access information about World Travel and our FAQ, including information about flight searches in World Travel/Concur vs. Egencia.



  • Provides a universal, easy-to-use platform for all Yale travelers that reflects all negotiated travel discounts.
  • Supports compliance with federal guidelines for sponsored awards while eliminating the need for excessive documentation.
  • Provides experienced travel agents when needed to guide the booking process and address any travel-related issues. Travelers who book federally funded international Fly America Act/Open Skies flights through an agent should ask them to provide exception documentation with the booking receipt and itinerary. This must be attached to an expense report to maintain compliance with federal regulations.

Get Started with World Travel/Concur Online

Log in to World Travel using the link provided here.

Travelers and arrangers must review and update their profiles or set them up if they haven’t already done so. This will make the booking process faster and easier.

What If I Have a Post-May 1 Trip Booked through Egencia?

Traveler profiles and support will be available until the trip is completed. Documentation will not be accessible once the trip is completed. Please download all ticket receipts for expense purposes before May 1.