Lead Administrators

A list of all the current lead administrators is available in Workday.

  1. Once on the Workday report page, click the blue OK button at the bottom of the page (no need to fill out any of the fields). This will take you to a Workday list of all lead administrators, operations managers, and senior directors by cost center.
  2. Click on the Excel icon at the top right corner of the page to export this list into Excel.
  3. Open the Excel file, go to the Insert tab and click Pivot Table.
  4. Select the entire data set to use for your pivot table range.
  5. In the Pivot Table Field box, drag the “Lead Administrator” field to the Rows box and then drag the “Department” field to the Rows box underneath the Lead Administrator field. Now in your pivot table, you should see a list of all lead administrators with a list of all of the departments they serve underneath their names. [Note: If you just want to retrieve a list of all lead administrators’ emails, simply drag the “Lead Administrator email” field into the Rows box without any other fields in the box].