Yale University Hotline

Submit an Online Report

To report an issue use the link above or call 877-360-YALE.

Yale University is a multifaceted institution operating in a complex legal and regulatory environment, and Yale faculty members, staff members, students, or trainees (“community members”) may have concerns about the compliance of the University or individual community members with Yale policies, legal and regulatory requirements, health and safety standards, or the Standards of Business Conduct.

To aid you in this regard, this website provides University resources that are available if you have questions or concerns about any aspect of Yale’s compliance obligations or the Standards of Business Conduct. These are the University’s subject matter experts in their respective areas, and they will address your questions and concerns professionally and discreetly.

Typically, a possible violation of Yale policy, external requirements, or the Standards of Business Conduct is resolved when a community member refers the concern to a supervisor or to a person of greater authority within the University’s organizational structure. Alternatively, a community member may choose to report an issue to a central University department such as Human Resources, the Office of General Counsel, the Office of the Controller, Environmental Health and Safety, or University Auditing.

As another option, if you do not feel comfortable speaking with a supervisor or other resource, or where you desire anonymity, the Yale University Hotline is available to bring your concern to the University’s attention, either by calling the toll-free number at 877-360-YALE or filing an online report.

Key characteristics of the Yale University Hotline

  • The toll-free Hotline (877-360-YALE) and online reporting is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.
  • Calls and reports to the Hotline are taken by a third-party vendor, not by a University employee.
  • You may provide your name and contact information, or you may choose to remain anonymous.
  • To ensure confidentiality, calls to the Hotline are not recorded or traced.

If you bring a concern to the University’s attention through the Hotline or otherwise, you should be aware that University policy prohibits retaliation against community members who in good faith report possible violations of Yale policy, the law, or the Standards of Business Conduct.