Yale University Hotline

The Hotline is not an emergency service. In case of an emergency, life threatening injury, or immediate danger, please call 911.

Submit an Online Report

To report an issue use the link above or call 877-360-YALE.

Yale is committed to advancing its academic mission in ways that reflect the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct. Yale community members are strongly encouraged to report concerns or suspected violations of applicable laws and regulations, Yale’s Institutional Standards of Conduct, and other Yale policies.

How to Report a Concern

Yale provides multiple ways for community members to raise concerns:

  • Speak with your supervisor or another appropriate person in your department, school, or unit.
  • Report the concern to an appropriate University office, such as Human Resources, University Audit and Advisory, or the Office of the Senior Vice President or General Counsel.
  • Report the concern using the Yale University Hotline online or at 877-360-YALE.
    • The Hotline is administered by a third-party vendor, not Yale employees. Hotline calls are not recorded or traced.
    • You may report concerns anonymously or provide your name and contact information if you choose to do so.

Yale does not tolerate retaliation against a person who, in good faith, files a complaint, reports a concern, or cooperates with a university investigation. Retaliation can take different forms and could include actions such as unjustified discipline or termination, verbal abuse or bullying, or unfavorable changes to working conditions or other terms of employment. Yale firmly enforces its policy against retaliation and provides resources for those with questions or concerns about violations.