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An institutional training grant is an award that provides funding to support selected pre-doctoral candidates and/or postdoctoral researchers in a coordinated training program. It provides for stipends, tuition, and training related expenses. Institutional training grants are different from awards to an individual which generally provide a stipend for sponsor-selected individuals.

Since the majority of Yale’s training grants are from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), information about applying for and administering these awards is directed towards supporting those awards. Note that the information is gathered from various sources and is collated to assist your efforts in developing type “T” Training Grants. Although we make every effort to maintain the most current information, if you notice anything of concern, the matter should be brought to the attention of Eileen Joyce.

Feedback regarding the usefulness of the information contained on this page will assist others. Please feel free to contact us with comments, questions or suggestions.

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Yale Resources

Resource Revised Date Helpful information
Training Grants List Revised
The Training Grants List is a record of all NIH Institutional Training Grants (ITG) awarded to Yale. It contains information useful for table 3 and contact information for departments with T32 grants.
Participating Faculty List Revised
The Participating Faculty List will assist with table 3 and includes information regarding Research Interest for the currently participating faculty. You may also find this helpful for ;table 2.
Library Services Revised on 3/24/2014 Library Services offers assistance identifying articles and publications of trainees you track, the Library will be able and glad to help you. Contact your Library Liaison and provide them with a list of the authors you want to track. Library Liaison information
Proposal Language Options Various revision dates

The following language should be tailored to meet specific application requirements:

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