Eli Surplus Exchange Policy

  1. All Yale Faculty and Staff can submit and view items. However, this application is for university use only. No personal postings allowed. The official Yale Equipment Policy.
  2. There is no fee associated with use of this application. Payment for items should be arranged between seller and buyer via email or other means of communication. However, since the University has a preferred payment policy of using Journal transfers or COA accounts (except for used *vehicle purchases), using either one of these methods is recommended.
  3. Type of equipment that can be posted on this site is limited to office supplies, furniture, lab supplies, lab equipment, unopened chemicals and electronics without a hard drive (monitors, keyboards etc…). If you have an item that does not fit these categories, please contact us for assistance. 
  4. Users submitting lab equipment and safe chemicals must follow the safety protocols mandated by the Yale Office of Environmental Safety (EHS) before posting on the Eli Surplus Exchange website. Labs that are transitioning between locations or vacating for any other reason should follow this guideline.
  5. “University Policy prohibits the direct sale of equipment among researchers or departments. However, the cost of transporting and/or set up of surplus equipment can be negotiated.” If the item you’re submitting was purchased with sponsored funding, please contact the Office of Grant and Contract Financial Administration (GCFA) prior to posting on this site. GCFA can be reached at mei.admin@yale.edu. All postings are monitored by GCFA and submitters may be contacted by a GCFA representative with questions about their item. 
  6. Eli Surplus Exchange is not liable for any items. Seller is responsible to ensure items are safe for use and functional and determine the price and mode of payment. It is the buyer’s responsibility to check the functionality of the item, ask for the necessary forms and arrange transportation of item purchased. Any damage done to the seller’s premises by the buyer, in the process of  moving an item, is the responsibility of the purchaser. 
  7. To transport items (especially if they are large or bulky), we recommend use Yale’s Transport, Receiving & Storage or a professional moving company.  Transporting items with your personal vehicle is done at your own risk, and the University’s insurance will not respond to any issues or accidents.  Any costs associated with moving items will be the responsibility of the buyer and/or seller.
  8. If an item has been posted for 90 days without any requests, sellers are encouraged to donate items to one of the many recycling agencies found in New Haven. Click here for information about appropriate donation procedure.
  9. ​If you have been unable to sell, exchange or donate your furniture, office equipment or lab equipment, please contact your facilities superintendent or building manager.  The Yale Facilities Superintendent for your area will be able to arrange for appropriate pickup, recycle or disposal of your materials. Click here to find out the superintendent assigned to your building.

*The vehicles posted on this site are for personal purchase only and NOT for departmental purchase.