Donation Process

If an item has been posted for 90 days or more without any requests, sellers are encouraged to donate items to one of the many recycling agencies found in New Haven. Please follow the following steps before donating items.

  1. If items have been bought with grant or fellowship money, make sure that you’re not violating any specific stipulations made in the original grant agreement by donating items. Check with your business or finance manager if you are unsure about grant language.
  2. Contact Yale Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) to determine if any hazardous materials may be present. No salvaged items may be donated without authorization from EHS.  Their phone number is 203-785-3550.
  3. If necessary, segregate and prepare items for assessment by EHS. If items are determined not to be fit for donation, make sure to consult with EHS for proper disposal procedures. 
  4. Ensure that the Yale University Release, Waiver and Indemnity form is completed in full when donating items. Maintain the completed Yale Release, Waiver and Indemnity form in file and forward a copy to EHS.

​If unsure about which groups to donate items to, look into the following organizations: