Bicycle Parking and Safety

Bike Parking

Yale has a variety of parking areas for bikes on campus, both indoor and outdoor. There are also many bike parking options throughout New Haven, including sheltered parking at Union Station and State Street Station.

View bike parking facilities on campus.

Bicycle Safety Training

Yale Environmental Health & Safety provides bicycle safety sessions from March to October. Please register for an upcoming session in Workday Learning.

Yale Environmental Health & Safety offers additional safety tips, tools, and resources for cyclists, pedestrians, and motorists.

Bicycle Theft Prevention and Registration

Always Lock Your Bike

It is highly recommended that bicyclists use a U-lock and cable to effectively secure your bike from theft. Never lock to a street sign or banister, as locked bikes can be easily moved from these locations.

Quick-release levers on your wheels and seat post invite theft. If possible, replace anything with a quick-release lever with permanent skewers/bolts (you can get a “seat leash” for your seat if you want to keep the quick-release so that its easily adjustable). If you do have quick-release wheels, take one wheel off and secure it to the other wheel, the frame, and the bike rack with your U-lock and/or very thick cable.

Register Your Bike

As a service to the University community, Yale Transportation Options registers bicycles owned by students, faculty, and staff members through the National Bike Registry. Bicycle registrations are valid for 10 years.

  1. Locate the serial number on your bike. You can’t register your bike without it.
  2. Fill out the Bike Registration form to begin the registration process. We will submit your information to the Yale Police Department.
  3. We will email you when your bike has been registered.

Consider purchasing low-cost property insurance.

If you believe your bike has been stolen, contact the Yale Police Department at 203-432-4400.