Moving Guide

Moving Guide for Yale Departments

This guide has been prepared to make packing and moving easier for Yale departments, reducing unnecessary delays and cutting costs. Please fill out a Request For Service form as soon as the move is anticipated. TR&S will do their best to meet preferred dates but cannot always guarantee dates without early notification (two weeks advance notice is required to accommodate specific move dates). The following information paves the way for a smooth and efficient transfer to your new location

Moving Coordinators
Please follow these guidelines for a successful move.
Most departments prefer to do their own packing before the actual move. This has proven to be the most efficient and economical way for most moves. TR&S can arrange for temporary labor to do packing; however, the department is responsible for supervising this labor throughout the packing process. TR&S movers can pack if the department desires, however, the rate to pack is the same as to move. TR&S can also arrange for packing to be done by a professional packing service.

All packing should be completed prior to the day of the actual move.

Only personnel directly involved with the move should be present during the course of the move.

Moving Labels
Assorted colors are available from TR&S for your labeling requirements. Carefully print your identification code in large letters with a dark crayon or magic marker before placing labels on items to eliminate damage.

Do Not Move
If items are not to be moved or if equipment and furniture are to be discarded, be sure to label them with “Do Not Move”.

Special Types of Furniture
Items such as “L” desks and conference tables usually need to be dismantled. Thus, be certain that all sections of the pieces of furniture dismantled have the same label color and code information. All seat cushions of a sofa or couch should be individually labeled as well as the sofa itself. A representative from TR&S can assist you as to which items may need to be dismantled for the move.

University surplus will be picked up at no charge to the donor, but all items must be labeled “SURPLUS”. A representative from TR&S can inform you as to what would be acceptable as surplus.

Label Placement
The mover requires this uniformity to quickly and efficiently replace your furniture and equipment in the new location. Uniform placement of labels reduces your costs.

Two - Four Weeks Before Move:

  • Fill out Request for Service Form
  • Contact Telecommunications
  • Call Lock Shop, if necessary
  • Notify Campus Mail
  • Consider special notification to frequent customers and clients
  • Call Physical Plant, if necessary
  • Call Service Repairman to schedule removal of toner from fax/copy machine
  • Arrange for computers, faxes, etc. to be disconnected
  • Order moving labels, cartons and tape from Central Stockroom
  • Other:

Day Prior To Move:

  •  Desks emptied? Locked? Keys must be retained by department.
  •  Supply cabinets empty? Locked?
  •  File cabinets locked?
  • Wall items taken down?
  • Breakable items properly packed?
  • Typewriters and other machines disconnected from work surface?
  • “Do Not Move” labels placed?
  •  Liquids and powders emptied from equipment?
  •  Loose casters removed?
  •  Desk pads and chair pads labeled?
  •  Refrigerators/freezers emptied, cleaned and defrosted?
  •  Waste baskets labeled?
  •  Other:

Now Take Another Look Around …

  •  Everything labeled and marked?
  •  Condition of furniture and equipment carefully checked?
  • Toners removed from fax/copy machines?
  •  Telephones disconnected?
  •  Surplus labels placed?
  • Office layout plan for new location available at new location?
  • Room entries clearly labeled with number at new location? Doors frequently have to be removed to permit furniture entry, so place the room number labels on top of door frame, not the door itself.

The TR&S Moving team

Our team of 4 movers has over 25 years of experience doing Yale office moves! They also assemble office equipment. We are known for being courteous, respectful,  and very timely. From desks and filing cabinets to your most delicate items, you can depend on them to complete your move courteously, carefully and on time.

Yale University is a self-insured institution. Thus, TR&S will only be responsible for the University deductible amount concerning any claims on University owned furniture and fixtures directly resulting from department relocation moves.

Any and all personal effects are the sole responsibility of the individual. Any claim for personal items will not be honored. Example: briefcases, foodstuffs, jewelry, keys, monies, pictures, plants, pocketbooks, wallets, etc.