FAQ - Express Shipping (eShipGlobal)

No. When you use eShipGlobal, you will not enter an account number. The account number is already programmed into eShipGlobal for Yale and is not accessible to end users.

  • improves invoicing accuracy through charging validation
  • saves you time and money
  • provides you with Yale’s discounted pricing
  • gives the ability to track your orders
  • increases efficiency through quick access to sender/recipient information
  • emails tracking information to others if necessary

Using eShipGlobal is the recommended approach for ordering express shipping services at Yale.

Yes. Yale receives competitive international rates from FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS so using eShipGlobal for international FedEx, UPS, DHL, and USPS shipments is advisable for this reason as well as the other benefits listed above.

No. Currently eShipGlobal is only set up for use with University charging instructions not personal credit cards, which would be required to process a personal transaction.

If you make a mistake or need to update a label, you must cancel the shipment and create a new label. Please note that you cannot edit or reuse a label. By design, every package must have a unique shipping label because each bar code is a point of control for the carrier.

The good news is that eShipGlobal also gives you the ability to cancel a shipment yourself and create a new label rather than calling the carrier to cancel the shipment which normally results in a $10 correction fee.

It is too late to cancel a package delivery once it has been placed in a drop box or picked up by the carrier.

Although you will not be invoiced for shipments that have not been received by the shipping carrier, it is recommended that you cancel labels that are not used. For same day cancelations, click on My Shipments from within the eShipGlobal main navigation window, then choose Shipment History, enter the Tracking Number or Order Number in the box provided, click Generate, select the package that you would like to cancel and then click Cancel.

If you previously created a shipping label that is from another date (not today), please send an email to support@eshipglobal.com. The email should include the tracking number of the shipment that you would like to cancel and eShipGlobal will cancel the shipment on your behalf.

Yes, if you are not using a drop box that belongs to the carrier or have an established pick-up schedule with the carrier, you will still need to notify the delivery service to pick up your package for delivery.

eShipGlobal has a handy feature called the Drop Locator. You just select the shipping carrier and then type in your address and it will search to find the drop box that is closest to you.

After accessing eShipGlobal, click on “Supplies” at the top of the page for instructions on ordering supplies from FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.

Research materials are generally defined as materials that are used in laboratory settings such as animals, biological (cultures or stocks of human or animal pathogens, select agents or toxins, human or animal materials, genetically modified micro organisms, vectors, plasmids, etc.), chemical or radioactive, and dry-ice.

Some research materials may not necessarily be hazardous but become regulated materials once they are transported.

Yes. To improve compliance, eShipGlobal is integrated with Yale’s TMS system. When you log in with your Yale NetId and password, the system provides automatic training verification.

Training courses for biological substances and dry ice packages are available online. In most cases, if you require training, you will be able to complete the training requirement and ship your package in the same day.

Although the company and contact information cannot be modified because it is linked to the TMS system for training verification, you can change your shipping address. From within the Research Materials shipping form in the eShipGlobal system, click on the Edit button under your shipping information. Then update the address information and click Save Changes.

FedEx and DHL are authorized carriers for shipping research materials. When a complete address (including zip code) is provided, FedEx will frequently appear for domestic and international shipments. DHL will appear for international deliveries.

EHS will review all international shipping requests before providing authorization to continue with the shipment.

Click on My Shipments from within the eShipGlobal main navigation window, then select Research Materials Shipment History. To filter your history, you can enter a carrier Tracking Number, eShipGlobal Order Number, or a date range. Then click Generate.

An online “Research Materials Shipment Request” form must be completed prior to shipping any intercampus research materials. Please refer to the Environmental Health and Safety website to access the form, or call 203.785.3550, for more information.

The Medical School Stockroom (Sterling Hall of Medicine, 333 Cedar Street, SHM I-E7) and Kline Biology Tower (219 Prospect Street, KBT C-11) have boxes available for most shipments containing stockroom biological materials. Supplies are also are available in Workday via SciQuest.

* Category A shipping supplies cannot be reused.

Please contact the Finance Support Center at 203.432.5394 for assistance shipping standard domestic and international packages.

Contact Environmental Health and Safety at 203.785.3550 if you have any questions regarding categorizing research materials or shipping parcels containing dry ice.

Once you have entered the necessary information for your airbill, you will print the label (airbill) on plain white office paper within the eShipGlobal solution. Just fold the paper in half and place just that one piece of paper in the plastic pouch with the shipping information showing and you are all done! Forms are not required and copies are not necessary for domestic overnight deliveries. You can also email the package label to another sender.

There are two types of Return Shipments:

  1. If you create a shipment and want to include a prepaid airway bill for the receiver to send a package back to you.

    After you create a shipment, from the shipment summary page, you have the option to create a return shipment

    • For Domestic shipments, you can do this for all Carriers and all package types
    • For International shipments, you can only do this for a FedEx Carrier Letter.

    For Research Materials, you can use the Receive Research Materials From module to create the return shipment label. You can then email the shipper the airway bill from the shipment summary page.

  2. If you want to create a prepaid airway bill for someone to send you a package.

    When you create a shipment, select a Ship From (non-Yale address) and a Ship To (Yale address). You can then email the shipper the airway bill from the shipment summary page.

  • This can be done for Domestic and International shipments for all carriers and all package types.
    *Please note that some international shipments may require additional documentation that cannot be emailed to the shipper.

For Research Materials, you can use the Receive Research Materials From module to create the return shipment label. You can then email the shipper the airway bill from the shipment summary page.

eShipGlobal charges will be invoiced and appear on your statements weekly.

eShipGlobal charges will appear as actuals when the invoice is paid by Accounts Payable. When you look at View Shipments in eShipGlobal, your tracking number on the summary will match with the tracking number on your statement. Also, through View Shipments, you can track your shipments by charging or other variables to make statement reconciling easier.

The eShipGlobal system includes insurance on all packages with the limits stated below, as long as a value is declared. There is no option to view or edit the insurance field because there is no visible line item for insurance. The cost of the shipment has these built into the shipping fee.

When declaring shipment values, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • Letters (envelopes weighing ~8 ounces) can have a declared value of up to $500.
  • Other types of packages can have a declared value of up to $50,000.
  • UPS charges $0.65 per $100 of declared value to insure a package.
  • Other carriers’ rates are similar.

The eShipGlobal system cannot process packages with a declared value greater than $50,000; for these shipments, technicians should advise the client to contact Diane Brown at TR&S 203-432-9961.