Investigative Services Unit

The Investigative Services Unit is responsible for the investigation of serious crimes such as assault, sexual assault, robbery, substantial larcenies, and burglaries. The unit is also responsible for administering the victim services, crime scene processing, evidence, and threat assessment/management functions of the department and dignitary protection.

Reporting to the Support Services Captain, William Kraszewski, the unit is led by a lieutenant assigned as the Officer in Charge. Lieutenant Brian Donnelly is responsible for overall supervision of the unit’s activities. The OIC’s duties include maintaining liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies, and courts and social service agencies.

The Investigative Services OIC is assisted by a sergeant assigned as the Executive Officer. Sergeant Leo Otero is responsible for supporting the OIC in the efficient operation of the unit. The Executive Officer is an investigator and is responsible for the supervision and for conducting criminal and administrative investigations assigned by the OIC or the Captain. The Executive Officer is also responsible for the administration of the victim services program.

Six Detectives are assigned to the unit. They are responsible for conducting initial and follow-up criminal and administrative investigations as well as developing sources of intelligence and information.

Investigative Services personnel review and analyze reports, records, and the results of laboratory examinations; conduct follow-up interviews and interrogations; seek additional information from officers, witnesses, victims, complainants, and other law enforcement agencies; plan, organize, and conduct searches and collect physical evidence; identify and apprehend suspects; prepare arrest and search and seizure warrants; prepare cases for court presentation in conjunction with the State Attorney’s Office; and develop informant and intelligence information.