OneFinance program update - June 2023

July 12, 2023

Our North Star

To enable Yale’s mission, simplify and standardize financial services in order to make life easier where everyone has a role in building a strong culture of financial integrity, insight, and stewardship of Yale resources. 

Since our last update in March 2023, progress continues on several projects key to our mission. Our monthly OneFinance At-a-Glance documents our progress. We encourage you to review and share this document with your staff during team meetings to keep them fully informed about the initiative. Go to our June 2023 At-a-Glance for our most recent update.

Reporting & Analytics

As our North Star states, promoting stewardship of Yale resources is vital to our mission. Having reliable data about our key performance indicators will help us understand our progress in achieving this objective. Collecting data and reporting it in a meaningful way will help us:

  • do our work more effectively
  • celebrate our successes
  • identify opportunities for improvement
  • build actionable insights

Data analysis and reporting have helped us identify our OneFinance strategic priorities and continue to help inform the project work. Our project work has also helped identify data gaps we need to fill to make our job easier. Here are some examples of the work that has been done or that is in progress to help us build our reporting capabilities:

  • Financial Review Enhancement (FRE)
  • Dashboard Monitoring
    • Project work is underway in building a Financial Compliance Dashboard that includes Discretionary Spend, Top Vendor Spend, and Count of Transactions just under Threshold metrics.

The following projects rely on gathering current internal and benchmarking data reporting to inform their work:

  • Integrated S2P
  • Financial Review Enhancement
  • Financial Training Program Development
  • Ok-to-Pay
  • Organizational Model

We will continue to hone our reporting capabilities and share these enhancements with all of you to make work easier and facilitate better-informed data-driven decisions.


Go to the OneFinance webpage or contact us via email at

Thank you for your engagement and support. Have a great summer!

OneFinance Program Leads:

Brian Rebeschi, Executive Director, F&A – YSM Business Operations

Lisa Varni, Associate Controller, Internal Controls and Compliance