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Business Associate Agreement

A Business Associate is an individual or company (entity) who is not employed by Yale but who performs or assists Yale in performing activities that require receiving, creating, transmitting, accessing , using or disclosing PHI (protected health information).

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Consulting Agreement

For activities outside of Yale, the University is not a party to consulting or non-disclosure agreements between faculty and external organizations. The OSP contract manager may provide feedback for the faculty member to use in their negotiation with the sponsor; however, OSP neither negotiates nor authorizes consulting agreements on behalf of faculty members. Faculty are responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with any Yale policies related to outside activities such as those detailed in the Faculty Handbook.

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Equipment Loan Agreement

An Equipment Loan Agreement governs a loan to Yale for research purposes of equipment owned by another entity, usually a corporation. The agreement permits use of the equipment at Yale by a researcher during the loan period. At the end of the loan, either the equipment is returned or the University has to make other arrangements with the equipment’s owner. A company lending equipment may restrict how the equipment can be used.

Human Tissue Transfer Agreement

A Human Tissue Transfer Agreement allows Yale researchers to send or receive human tissue samples to or from researchers at other entities for research purposes. Researchers need to be aware of any applicable Yale human subjects research policies governing such transfers. Human tissue is tissue, blood products, serum, DNA and other biological materials or specimens that are obtained from patients or research participants.

Memorandum of Understanding A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement that specifies mutually agreed-upon expectations between two (or more) entities. These agreements can carry the same obligations as contracts, so researchers at Yale should not enter into such agreements without prior review by the appropriate central office.
Software Licensing Agreement

This is an agreement which authorizes the use of software for research purposes for a limited time period. Agreements which involve commercial terms for use of software are not handled by OSP.

Teaming Agreement

A Teaming Agreement is used when Yale and another party (or parties) wish to collaborate in producing a proposal in response to a solicitation. All parties agree in advance on how they will work together, disposition of intellectual property (IP), research results, and terms that will apply if the award is made.

Service Fee/Fee for Service Agreements Please refer to Policy 2100 Revenue Principles, General.