Internal Application Process


For funding opportunities that limit the number of applications per institution, Yale University holds internal competitions to select the candidates who will submit applications to the sponsoring agencies.

Internal competition procedures are specific to each funding opportunity. For most opportunities, this includes a required Letter of Intent (LOI) followed by an Internal Application (IA).

Please review important guidance provided in the Yale Limited Submission Process.

Questions about Limited Submissions (including Scholar Awards) may be directed to

Internal Deadlines and Submission Instructions for Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

Internal Applications

Required for all limited submission funding opportunities.

Funding opportunities and LOI instructions will be available at Yale InfoReady Review.

Requirements typically include:

  • PI name/department
  • Tentative proposal title
  • Project summary (2 pages)
  • Letter of support from Department Chair or other member of leadership

The Internal Application is reviewed by internal Yale reviewers, selected based on each specific funding opportunity. These reviewers may include members of the Science Scholar Awards Committee as well as various Deans and other scientific leaders.