Frequently Needed Yale Facts

Institutional Assurances and Code Numbers

Yale University is a private corporation. For tax purposes, the University is covered under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Type of Information Date / Number / Code
Age Discrimination Act Filed 8/26/1993
Animal Welfare Assurance (commonly referred to as the “Assurance”) Number Yale’s Assurance Number: D16-00146
Approval Period: May 1, 2019-May 31, 2023
CAGE Code 4B992
SAM Registration Status | Expiration Date Active  (Expires 04/29/23)
Congressional District CT-003
DUNS Number (see below for UEI) 04-320-7562
Employer Identification Number (EIN) (also known as Federal Tax Identification Number (TIN) 06-0646973
NIH EIN 1060646973A1
Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) – Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Number FWA00002571 (Expires 12/02/2022)
Misconduct In Science Assurance Filed 03/14/2016
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Code 611310 (Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools)
Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Number 06-00183-03 (Radiation License Date: 02/28/2005)
ORCA Certification Date 09/19/2014
ORI Certification Expiration Date 04/30/2022
Type of Organization Institution of Higher Education
UEI (Unique Entity ID) FL6GV84CKN57
U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Inspection Date 10/02/2006
USDA License and Registration Number (Registration Period) 16-R-0001 (March 20, 2014-March 20, 2017)

Authorized Financial Officer

Kenechia Clarke, Associate Director, Financial Management

Office of Sponsored Projects
Yale University
150 Munson Street, 3rd Floor
P.O. Box 208327
New Haven, CT 06520-8327
Telephone Number: 203-737-5675
Fax Number: 203-737-5837

Payment Addresses

Make checks payable to: Yale University.


Yale University
Sponsored Projects Financial Administration
P.O. Box 1873
New Haven, CT 06508-1873

Contacting email:

For overnight delivery:
Yale University
Sponsored Projects Financial Administration
25 Science Park, 3rd Floor
150 Munson Street
New Haven, CT 06511-3572

Send electronically to:
  • YSS email address must be in the TO: line of the email
  • Place other addresses in the CC: line of the email
  • Invoices must be formatted as .pdf or .tiff
  • One invoice per attachment; but an email may have multiple attachments

Send by U.S. mail to:
Yale University
c/o Yale Shared Services-Sub K Invoices
P.O. Box 208383
New Haven, CT 06520-8309

Yale University
School of Medicine
Treasury Services
333 Cedar Street, I-100 SHM
New Haven, CT 06510-3206

Rate Agreement

  • Most recent rate agreement: DHHS FEDERAL RATE AGREEMENT dated 03/12/21
  • Cognizant Agency: Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS)
  • DHHS Representative: Ryan McCarthy, (212) 264-2069

Facilities & Administrative (F&A) Cost Rates

Applicable to Location

Rates Effective
7/1/2016 – 6/30/2019

RATES EFFECTIVE 7/1/2019 – 6/30/2023*
Organized Research
67.5% 67.5%
Research DOD Contract
On Campus
69.9% 69.9%
Organized Research
Off Campus
26.0% 26.0%
Organized Research
47.0% 47.0%
Other Sponsored Activities
On Campus
43.0% 43.0%
Other Sponsored Activities
Off Campus
26.0% 26.0%
Organized Research
VA@West Haven
30.9% 30.9%
On Campus
69.0% 69.0%
Off Campus
26.0% 26.0%

*Effective 7/1/2023 until amended provisional rates apply (use same rates as those cited for fiscal year ending 6/30/2023).

F&A Cost Rates for Corporate/Industrial Sponsors

  • 69.9% Research
  • 30.0% Industry-sponsored clinical trial

F&A Cost Rates for Sponsors with No Stated Overhead Rate


Fringe Benefit Rates

The categories referred to below are:

  • Exempt - Salaried (includes Faculty, M&P, Postdoctoral Associates)
  • Non-Exempt - Hourly (includes C&T, S&M)
  • Part-Time - (No Benefits)


APPLICABLE TO Type Rates Effective
7/1/21 - 6/30/22 FIXED
Rates Effective
7/1/22-6/30/23 Fixed
Rates Effective 7/1/23 - Until Amended PROVISIONAL
Exempt 28.80% 30.30% 30.30%
Non-Exempt 74.70% 73.00% 73.00%
Part-Time 8.80% 9.50% 9.50%

Non Federal

Refer to the Controller’s Office Factsheet.

Yale Compensation Policies for Postdoctoral Appointees

Yale Graduate Student Tuition, Stipends and Continuous Registration Fees

Equipment vs.Supplies

  • Equipment is defined as an article of tangible nonexpendable personal property with a useful life of more than 1 year and a cost per unit equal to or greater than $5,000. Those items which do not meet this definition should be budgeted in the materials and supplies category.

NIH Salary Cap

NIH/NRSA Stipends, Tuition Fees and Other Budgetary Levels