Advertise with YALE Shuttle

Bus Advertising Overview

Yale’s shuttle offers interior and window bus advertising space to campus departments and offices. Interior bus advertising is a great opportunity to promote your department or office’s products, events, and services. Advertisements on YALE shuttles are highly visible and a very effective way to reach the campus population. The advertisements are offered for two different quantities of Shuttle buses. This exposes them to an estimated 15,000 student, staff, and faculty riders of the system who are a captive audience looking for something to read.

Advertisements are displayed for a minimum of one month and can remain up for a period not to exceed 6 months. See below for full pricing information, signage and other details./p>

Bus Advertising & Signage Rates

30 shuttle bus program

  • (2) interior signs only $1,728.00*
  • (2) interior signs / (1) exterior sign** $4,899.00
  • (2) interior signs / (2) exterior signs** $7,797.00

59 shuttle bus program

  • (2) interior signs only $3,256.00*
  • (2) interior signs / (1) exterior sign** $9,363.00
  • (2) interior signs / (2) exterior signs** $14,860.00

*2-week lead time from proof approval for complete installation on all buses
**One month lead time needed from proof approval for complete installation on all buses

Signage & Space Rental

  • Interior advertising space may be rented by a department or office of YALE for a predetermined rate set by YALE Transportation. YALE Transportation will not provide eligibility for any non-YALE departments, offices, businesses, and organizations.
  • Interior signage created for use in YALE Transportation vehicles must conform to standards specified by YALE Transportation.
  • Signage may only be used for advertising a YALE product, a YALE service, or a YALE approved function. Signage may not be used to promote political, religious, personal, biased, slanderous, discriminatory, or inappropriate views and/or propaganda. All signage is reviewed by YALE Transportation for approval in YALE Transportation vehicles. YALE Transportation reserves the right to refuse signage from any department, office, or other source.
  • A sample (in printed or electronic format) of the sign to be published must be presented to YALE Transportation before signage is accepted onto any YALE Transportation vehicle. The sample becomes property of YALE Transportation. Artwork must be submitted for approval at least 15-20 business days before installation date.
  • Signage must be received at least five 10-20 business days before the start of advertising per the agreement to be installed for the date specified depending on which package you pick (interior vs interior and exterior)
  • YALE Transportation determines the location each ad is place in the bus based on availability.
  • The renting department is responsible for reproducing signs that are vandalized, stolen, worn-out, or damaged due to the public, riders or natural wear and tear. YALE Transportation will inspect signs on a regular basis and remove any signage that has become too damaged to remain in place, has been vandalized, or has become unsightly.

Space Reservations

  • Space rental requires a complete signage request form to reserve one or more spaces per bus.
    Signage Request Form
  • Reservations are made based on availability for monthly commitments to begin t the 1st of each month. Rates are recharged/invoiced via COA.

Signage: Specifications

To ensure signage designs are appropriately sized, conform to the Yale brand and convey the message in the desired way, it is highly recommended that you contact Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS).

They will coordinate all the design, production, and installation of your signage needs. YPPS has been involved with shuttle signage for many years and has the experience and expertise to ensure a timely and satisfactory experience.

  • Full size bus interior signage size 20”W x 6”H, Mini bus interior signage size 16”W x 10”H
  • Exterior window signage size is 32”W x 23.5H for both full size bus and mini bus.

Interior Bus Advertising Signage Billing

All billing and invoicing are processed by Yale Printing and Publishing services via COA.

Pricing Structure

Fees, rates, and any other related expenses are subject to change with notice.


These terms and conditions comprise the Agreement between YALE Transit and the person/department making this reservation, each of whom is or may be named on the reservation form (collectively “Customer”).

Customer acknowledges that the charge indicated on the reservation is for YALE Shuttle bus advertising and printing services if requested.

YALE Transit promises to install customer ads on 30 vs 59 vehicles for the specified timeframe or longer at the discretion of YALE Transit

If Customer cancels a reservation, printing fees will not be refunded. Likewise, any downsizing of service may not relieve Customer of the responsibility of paying the full contract price. All cancellations must be processed through the website, in writing, or verbally with YALE Transit. Cancellations over the weekend, after normal business hours, by voicemail or on YALE holidays are not accepted until Yale Transit acknowledges.