Daytime Routes

The daytime routes run Monday through Friday beginning at 6:00 AM until 6:00 PM. Start times are dependent upon the route chosen so please check which line will accommodate your needs.

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View routes for instructions and to view the service areas and stop locations.

If you are not sure what areas of campus the shuttles cover, select the route to find out. The links will explain the coverage area of each route to help you navigate the campus.


  • Blue - East Rock, Central & Med Campus
  • Brown - Science Park & Lot 22
  • Green - West Campus from Lot 22
  • Orange - East Rock, Central & Med Campus
  • Orange Express - one-hour continuous service from Lot 22 to College & Wall streets
  • Pink - Med Campus to the West Haven VA
  • Purple - Med Campus, NH & WH train stations and West Campus
  • Red - Science Hill, NH train stations, and Central & Med Campus
  • Yellow - NH train stations and Central Campus

Shuttle Stops