Note: The Data Warehouse (DWH) will continue to be updated through September to support the 2017 year-end close. Portal schedules will run through July 31 after which point the BUG Library and DWH Portal reports will be available only for ad-hoc reporting of historical data. Reports in the Data Warehouse Portal/Oracle EBS and the BUG Report Library (including all BRIOs) will remain available to access historical transactional details. Account balances for fiscal years 2014 through 2017 will be available in Workday.


BrioQuery Intelligence is a query development/report writer application that enables a user to retrieve data from various types of databases and then format the retrieved data into reports. Retrieved data can also be exported into other file formats for use in other applications like Excel and Access. Versions of BrioQuery Intelligence are available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.


BrioQuery application does not require authentication when the software is launched. Validation is only required when connecting to a specific database. Since BrioQuery can access several databases, the user enters a valid user name and password for the specific database being accessed, such as Data Warehouse or Banner.

Access to Brio is granted simultaneously when your Data Warehouse permission are set up.


Support questions about Bug Library (BUG) and BrioQuery Reports can be directed to the ITS Help Desk.

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