GROW® Coaching

GROW® Coaching (formerly InsideOut Coaching) is for managers at Yale who have direct reports, and is held in one full-day session. GROW® Coaching focuses on how performance works, how to create psychological safety, and how to keep managers and their team focused on the choices they have during conversations. This leads to extraordinary experiences, leaving participants feeling confident, more empowered and being more coach-like in every conversation they have.

The goals of the course are to:

  • Focus conversations with clear, effective communication with the people you work with to achieve breakthroughs and alignment, even around the “tough” topics
  • Help others make correct decisions more quickly
  • Get people taking action with accountability to match

What you will learn will lead to:

  • Focused action
  • Breakthrough performance
  • Reduced interference that can block performance
  • Achievement of meaningful goals
  • More personal satisfaction and less stress

Register through Workday Learning for an upcoming session.